What is good writing?

It is no shocking information that Texas was hit with a hurricane causing a hiccup in many people’s lives. As a result of this, our nation has come together as one to help people in Houston not only endure, but heal and repair during a catastrophic time such as this. People can provide aid and service to the residents of Texas in many ways. After reading an article from the Daily news, we see a heroic example during this time of need is a mother who helped by donating over 1,000 ounces of breast milk to Harvey victims.

Danielle Palmer, mother to three, wanted to do something to help her community. She was approached by an organization called Guiding Star Missouri, who was looking for women to donate their breast milk to those in need. Unfortunately, many women will start to lose their milk supply as a result from stress. It is no question that because of Hurricane Harvey many mothers are under a great amount of stress.

Her youngest son, Truett, has a congenital heart problem which results from him being unable to receive her milk supply properly. So instead, she pumped over 1,000 ounces of her breast milk to distribute to mothers in need. After crunching some numbers they figured that a baby drinks about 3 ounces per feeding, which means she donated 346 ounces worth of feeding!

With proper caution, people will go through certified procedures in a lab to ensure that it is healthy and safe for the babies to drink. Many breast milk donations are also used in hospitals for women who cannot feed their baby for various reasons according to each individual.

It’s people like Danielle who’s small action was used to make a huge difference in many mother’s lives. She took one step of action and it is now a blessing to hundreds of women. You never know how learning to “share” can result in changing lives!

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