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In October 2015, Bottlecap Press released Part One of “I’m AntiSocial Coffee Never Lies”. Two month’s later Part Two followed along with all the questions of what led me to pen such a strange poetic narrative. So I’ve stopped to reflect on the things that had to happen for this book to be written and here it is. The manic process, my nervous breakdowns, and the fires of my own uncertainty that forged the ugly into something beautiful.

At the age of 22 I had only just recently moved out to live the adult life with my boyfriend who I only had just recently began dating and to be completely honest, I was confused about everything. We had thrust ourselves into the unfamiliar in a child-like hope to live more authentically. We had filled our nights with Kerouac and coffee cups full of cheap wine. We would sit on the mattress on the floor of our studio apartment and watch our hometown friends play guitars and we would smoke hookahs, positive and content in our choice of lifestyle. Eventually we would all fall asleep and do it all over again. Lather. Rinse. …

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not exactly strange but antisocial…

Sitting and staring at Lenox tiles. Deeply out of body, but stuck in my own mind. Keep making perfect squares with eyes out of figures on the floor. Each perfect square begets another and another and another, like a Greco-Roman mythological experience.

It’s funny how the only thing I can see are perfect squares. Not rectangles, not some outside figure or force, just geometric perfection. There’s something poetic and philosophical about that..

what is perfection when no one has ever really seen a perfect circle or straight line? do we know what it is?

The starting point is a perfect square. And if the original tile was a triangle or a circle, I would see perfect triangles or perfect circles.

but i’ve never seen perfect

YOU are my moon. …


Mallory Smart

small human who writes. editor-in-chief @maudlinhouse

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