Make America Rational Again

Can I tell you some groundbreaking shit?

Just because someone points out something that is wrong with America doesn’t mean they hate America.

I can’t believe I have to explain this, but after seeing an insanely overdramatic Tomi Lahren video posted by multiple of my (more conservative) Facebook friends, here I am, doing the dirty work.

Honestly, I’m just sick of the sensational rhetoric that I see from conservatives. Oh, you know the fun trick! The one where they take a person’s experience/complaint, and then flip it on its head in order to make the person seem like an unpatriotic devil figure who wants to burn the flag and take a giant shit on Abe Lincoln’s grave!

It’s as if they don’t realize that it’s FULLY POSSIBLE to find flaws in a country, and still appreciate what makes it great.

For example, everyone is yelling at Kaepernick telling him that he should appreciate his right to free speech and that he should “leave America if it’s really so racist and bad.”

Like ?????? are you serious???!!?!?!?

Most liberals, like myself, see our country’s flaws, but are very grateful to live in America. We know there’s work to be done, but we are still proud of the rights we are granted as citizens — rights that we know people in other countries are denied.

I think we live in an amazing country, but that does NOT mean that I think America is some perfect haven of righteousness that can do no wrong.

We are LITERALLY built on the graves of Native Americans. The inception of our country was thanks to mass murder. Much of the growth of our country was thanks to the hard work of slaves. Do people not remember learning about this in history?

We ENSLAVED other HUMAN BEINGS. Think about that for one fucking second.

And if you think that because we have a black president, and that because gay people can get married that everything is SOLVED and we have no more work to do, then you’re seriously disillusioned.

We, as a country, have a history of exclusion, racism, misogyny, oppression, homophobia, fear-mongering, corporate greed, media manipulation, and lots and lots of violence.

This all continues into modern-day America, just not in forms that all people may recognize. People without more formal education on these topics may feel like it’s all “made up” or exaggerated. Therefore, they assume that anyone making negative comments about America is A PIECE OF LIBERAL, PC, FETUS-HATING, VEGAN, LATTE-SIPPING, ANTI-AMERICAN SCUM.

But you see, I’m a rational human being, therefore I am able to recognize all of the things that make America kiiiiind of fucked up AND the things that make us great.

A non-rational person would think that because someone complains about a problem in America, they must be anti-America. And that my friends, is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard Donald Trump speak.

Let’s put that in perspective, shall we? It’s like someone complaining about hate speech makes them anti-free speech. Or that complaining about child-abuse makes someone anti-parent.

And if that sounds ridiculous to you, it’s because it is.

It’s like these people think that loving America and finding issues with it are mutually exclusive. Um, do you not want our country to IMPROVE? To PROGRESS? We can always be better, so let’s talk about HOW, instead of claiming that activists are the Antichrist.

Why do people jump to conclusions this way?

Do I really have to spell out simple shit like how being against police violence does NOT equal being anti-police? How Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean they matter “more” or “only,” but rather just as much? And that, in real life, they’re not being treated like they matter?

Do I really have to tell you that the phrase “Make America Great Again” assumes that it was “great” in the past… and that every year we’ve had in the past is more racist, more sexist, more transphobic, more corrupt, and more crappy than the present?

Is that what you want? Is that the America you’re fighting for? Is that the America you think every single American, even the ones who don’t look or live like you, should be oh-so-grateful to be a part of?

Because the American experience is DIFFERENT for them. Very different. And your inability to listen to their real experiences makes you not just an asshole, but a dense asshole.

Do you have selective learning? Have you forgotten the parts of America’s history that are ugly? Do you remember when our history classes rapidly sped through Japanese Internment Camps? Do you really, truly, in your heart of hearts THINK that America can do NO wrong?

If you do, then you’ve probably found at least half of what I’ve said above offensive. I’d be willing to bet you’re prepping your pale, pudgy fingers for a smackdown in the comment section, and that’s fine.

If you want to keep living in this happy, little dream world where America is the crown jewel of the Earth and has no demerits on its record, then be my guest.

I can only sustain an argument with people that live in reality, and if you insist that our country is post-racist or any BS like that, then you clearly don’t coexist in the same reality as the rest of us.

The reality is, we have WORK TO DO. Our country is not a safe place for everyone living in it… does that mean they should get the hell out and move somewhere else? No! It means we should take a long, hard look at ourselves (something I imagine Ryan Lochte does a lot these days) and figure out how to fix our fuck-ups.

I’m committed to helping fix the fuck-ups, to progressing our country, to righting all of our wrongs. And acknowledging the fact that we have wrongs to right, doesn’t make me any less of a patriot.

I’m just a rational, liberal patriot… who does enjoy the occasional latte.