Our Malmö — Your Malmö 

Malmö is a place where people come to realise their dreams. A city with room for ambition, that invites you to join.

Lycke von Schantz at Möllevången square, Malmö.

Visitors say that they can feel a flow of ideas and a momentum going on in Malmö. Why is that?

Maybe people are inspired by the constantly evolving cityscape?

By the modern buildings that naturally claim their spaces alongside the old ones?

The expanding skyline, with the new concert hall Malmö Live in the background.

Or is it the other way around — is the architecture inspired by the young and diverse population who keep pushing boundaries, whether it is through developing never before seen products, opening new restaurant concepts, creating ground-breaking design, music, art?

Andreas Dahlberg, head chef, in his kitchen at Bastard.

It is said that Malmö has more restaurants per head than any other city in Sweden — and they are just as diverse and rebellious as the people that live here.

Whether you like falafel, fine dining Michelin style, conscious vegan cuisine or a bloody steak, you’ll find a place. Too much competition? Oh no, no. Only inspiration, according to Andreas Dahlberg, head chef of Bastard. Watch his story here:

In Malmö people share ideas and collaborate, and by doing so create an encouraging atmosphere for start-ups.

Påhoj is an excellent example. Industrial designer Lycke von Schantz — who uses her bike as main mode of transportation — saw a need for a more flexible child bike seat, so she developed one. A combined stroller/bike seat. Watch Lyckes story here:

Yes, Malmö is characterised by contagious openness and courage. People speak to each other and dare to try new things. People find inspiration in each other and in the endless possibilities of their city. Industry has given way to innovation, but the unpretentious can do attitude has remained. Welcome to Malmö. It starts here.