Edupreneurship: A new wave of Education Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is a highly motivated person undertaking an economic risk to create a new profitable enterprise. There are currently many buzzwords associated with entrepreneurship, startups and innovation. However, few know about Edupreneurship and the online course market. With the worldwide value of the online learning market going to surpass $241 by 2022 (Global Industry Analysts, 2015 Report), many entrepreneurs turn to online courses as the new way to go and Edupreneurship is joining the entrepreneurial buzzwords

“Entrepreneurship is the process in which one or more people undertake economic risk to create a new organization that will exploit a new technology or innovative process that generates value to others.” Carl J. Schramm The Entrepreneurial Imperative

Today, skills and knowledge are valued more than years of experience and formal education. With the constant changes in the workplaces, everyone needs to stay up to speed and self-develop their skills. While our busy lifestyle rarely lets any time for physical self-development, technology enables us to pursue distance, online and mobile learning opportunities through our various devices.

Thus, giving a rise to a new wave of business entrepreneurs, that take advantage of our society’s thirst for knowledge. The rise of the Edupreneur is a positive outcome of our insatiable thirst for self-development and a plentiful resource for online education, through online courses.

But who are those people? An Edupreneur could be anyone with knowledge to share and motivation to do it. Whether it is a traditional teacher utilising innovative technologies in and out of the classroom, offering lessons as online courses, or a Human Resource Manager training her team (internally) or offering corporate training to other companies with a Learning Management System or an Online Courses platform. Any leading professional sharing skills, expertise and experiences can turn her knowledge into a profitable enterprise.

Everyone has something to share and teach. The internet and many online course platforms offer the potential to sell knowledge in a number (see how much you could earn here) of ways such as:

  • Online training workshops,
  • Tutorial videos,
  • Webinars,
  • How-to-Guides,
  • Ebooks

Edupreneurship is altering the landscape of education, and provides a new way for educators to interact. As our society leans towards digital, distance and enhanced technologies, education follows through and takes a leading role. Lifelong learning is not an advantage, rather a necessity. An entrepreneur recognizes a problem and offers a solution, and this problem’s solution is edupreneurship.

What skills do you have to offer to the world?