This Writing Thing

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I suck at this writing thing.

Man, I really want to write. I want to write well. But this writing thing is hard. The goal is to not suck at it. Or, at least suck less.

Putting words to paper (so to speak) isn’t the hard part. No. The hard part is dealing with the feelings of inadequacy that creep in after reading the umpteenth article on how to write like a good writer writes.

Yep. Just when I think I’ve got this writing thing down, I get the reality knock on the head that somehow I skipped keys 1–9 of the 10 keys to being a great writer.

Hello. Anybody home McFly?

Right about then, with the self-doubt reaching full seepage into my psyche, I’m gut punched by the ‘fill in the blank number’ of secret traits found in the truly gifted writer.

Holy shit! I have like one and a half of the traits! Maybe two on a good day.

I suck at this writing thing. But hey, they were secret traits… so I didn’t know.

Okay, I get it. I’m not the writer I think I am and need to hang it up and I quit.

Then a day goes by and I get all jittery. Something tells me I need to write. I don’t know why. I just need to. It just feels good. Ah yes! It feels good! It feels true! Let me put some words down. All right!

Oh, what’s this? ‘How to be in the top whatever percentage of writers on the most popular writing website ever for writers’? Awesome! I shouldn’t read it. But I have to.

Crap. Now I suck. Again.

So, I’ve come to a realization about this writing thing: I will suck at writing until I don’t. The key is to keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing. Then, one day I won’t suck as much. Then, another day I’ll suck less than that. And so on and so forth until I don’t.

That’s the goal. So, please be patient with me.

Right now I may suck at this writing thing. But I swear, someday I won’t.

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