Do Something Fun

The first couple of weeks of my college experience have been exhilarating and crazy, to say the least. Therefore, I didn’t have time to do one of my favorite things from the past year. Halloween makeup. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Kyrie, we still have a month till Halloween”. Yes, I know, but Halloween lets me combine makeup, my body, and creativity. These past two weeks have let me create two “looks”.

Left: Snake ______________ Right: Sugar Skull

Makeup is fun and creative to me since I can base parts of the look on research, but I can throw my own personal twist and style into them. I don’t typically get to do my Halloween makeup unless I have a lot of alone free time, so putting away time to do this was exciting.

Mind Map

Hand drawn mind map
Computerized Mind Map

Suggested Themes

The three themes I decided to keep exploring are:

  1. Anxiety- I think this is a worthy theme because it is relevant to me, having anxiety, and because it is a health problem that affects many other college students there is a lot of room for improvement in panic attacks and general anxiety management.
  2. Sleep- Sleep is a topic I want to keep exploring because it is personally interesting to me and everyone does it so the audience is everyone. There will also always be tough nights to fall asleep and insomniacs that don’t know what to do to help themselves fall asleep.
  3. Unhealthy Stress Management- Stress management is something that everyone has to do, but some people deal with stress in unhealthy ways and I want to look into the ways that people manage stress and how to help change habits into better choices.

10 Silly Ideas

10 Silly Ideas
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