Website Fundamentals

I received a lot of questions locally about what it is and how it all works because it can get confusing. So, lets just jump right into it.

Domain is simply the name of your website.

Hosting is where all your data, content, statistics, etc. is contained and distributed.

So what does that gibberish mean? The best analogy I can give is think of it in terms to sports. The league is the internet because it contains all the teams, stadiums, etc. The teams is your domain name, your brand, and your overall identity within the league. Lastly, hosting is your arena as it contains all the aspects of your team whether it be players, coaches, or offices. Whereas hosting contains your email, files, databases, etc.

NBA, NFL, MLB = Internet — The governing body of all

Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankess = Domain — Essentially your team name.

Staples Center, AT&T Stadium, Yankee Stadium = Hosting — The hub for all the details of your website.

Examples of Domains:

The domain name replaces the IP address and makes it a lot easier to trace and pass on whether online or through word of mouth. Instead of elaborate numerical variations you can use your domain name.

Domain Tips:

  1. Brand — Simple and Concise

The internet is forever expanding so elaborate names do not work in your favor in being easily found online.

Good tip to keep in mind is focus on three keywords that precisely brand your entity.

2. Top Level Domain Name — Extensions Matter

.com = Commerical — used for commericial or for-profit businesses

.net = Network — used for Internet services or online providers

.org = Organization — refers to non-profit organizations, charities, etc.

.edu = Education — educational services, school, university, etc.

3. Best Places to Buy








Hosting Tips:

  1. Purchase Domain and Hosting Together

If your a new to the process I highly advise this because it will save you a lot of extra work and stress. I recommend looking for hosting that comes with a domain in the plan because that will provide you with all the neccesities and an email.

2. Free Hosting

In the instance that you buy your domain name with no hosting. There is free hosting opportunities, but I am not the expert on this. I would point you to look at —

I attempted to go this route with 000webhost, but could not seem to figure it all out.

3. Backup All Files Weekly

This is a must! I lost all my files a month ago and had to start everything from scratch. This is a great habit to get into. I’ve became extremely precautious since my incident. I have backup files on my hosting, saved to my hardrive, usb, and email them to myself. Be ready for any and everything!