The Show Needs to End. It’s Time To Govern.
Senator Michael Bennet

Sen Bennet approved Trump’s appointment of Sec Kelly of Homeland Security, and Sec Kelly has not resigned or been called to by Sen Bennet if he disagrees with Trump policy. The Union for immigration enforcement did support Trump. Sen Bennet had one vote on Immigration so far and he failed.

Sen Bennet also liked the wife of the Senate Majority leader for department of Transportation. Screw separation of branches. While also preferring Trump’s pick for Sec of Defense, despite serious issues in Yemen with use of force.

Sen Bennet also is unwilling to come out against Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, the nominee probably would not approve a woman’s right to choose.

Sen Bennet will compromises with Trump just fine. If this is working government with Trump. I don’t want it. I voted for Sen Bennet, because his opponent was crazy. I am demanding more than compromise. I am demanding resistance from policies that are against the heart and soul of the Democratic Party no matter how much Sen. Bennet has spent his career in congress as being one of the most compromising conservative democrats. (yes, look it up).

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