Diplomacy Vs. Policy

Sometimes, power is misinterpreted as strength. If the quality of a policy is determined by the government’s ability to provide means of protection for participants and organizers at the simultaneous election campaign and protection of students and teachers for limited face to face classes in the midst of the pandemic, being placed as a crown of equality. It will raise the question
which crown has been carried out properly?

Schools were some of the first places to shut down during the pandemic. Do Limited Face to face classes really increase the spread of the virus? Then why is Election Campaign allowed? Are these opportunities for political candidates to spread their ideas about how public policies should change — or remain the same — in the future or is this a convenient opportunity for incumbent government to clamp down on political activity?. Campaigns allow public conversations and deliberation but how come limited face to face classes were not allowed. They already implemented safety protocols and mandatory vaccinations and this phenomenon presents pros and cons. Have all these reforms been necessary to protect public health? Or are there disproportionate restrictions for political freedom? On the other hand I am convinced to a moral certainty that face to face classes are crucial to stopping the horrendous damage being done.

I think face-to-face class should be allowed depending on the vaccination rate and number of cases within the area of the school. As business establishment and tourism sectors are slowly opening up, face-to-face education should also be given a priority and attention. This paves way for a reason
to push through the face to face, as supposedly the nature of education impressed us. But then again, it still depends if the safety of students and teachers is also taken into consideration. Politics is a business and education is a right.



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