Exam sucks

Why? Why we give exams or test? Why exams even exist? I wish if there is no such thing as exam, it would be a relief.

I think that’s what most of us wanted

Whenever an exam come to an end is one of the best feeling in the world. It’s just like being caged in a cell & get released after a few days or weeks or months and seeing the world, coping up with the updates we missed in our day to day life.

Night before exam

The most intresting phase of our life. That time when all our brain sensors make sense. Even those formulas or equation that you never got it right turns out right just the night before exam.

Wish our mind can work like that all the time.


We just fall in love with the sleep rather say Sleep just fall in love with us. Sleep become our best friend. Rest of the time we have this disease called INSOMNIA & during exam we have this disease called Sleepsomnia. I just made that up never mind.

Exam hall

The most tensed place existing in the world. The temperature is at 100 degree, boiling us all. Those blank walls, pin drop silence, clock ticking, teacher’s having their tea or snacks is so depressing. Pressure has been applied from all around us so, its okay if you black out during the exams.

Thing is no matter whatever the conditions are with little bit of our effort we eventually survive till the end. Exams are set up just to test our ability, To know our limit.

So just Breathe. Always remember to breathe because exam or test doesn’t want us to be our enemy, they want us to be friends. They are no ghost to be scared of. They are just friends who keep asking question which they don’t know or make us solve the problem which they don’t understand.

So even if the exam sucks, they are our friend not foe.