Lovebirds 12 o’clock

Having a crush is so great. Thats the best time you can have way much better than being in relation — really? — maybe — true/false. Just my opinion. Otherwise i heard people says — being in relation means positivity.
Its hurt the most when your ex-crush is with his girlfriend. Bit confusing eh?
Here’s a story — —

Once upon a time there was this girl. She was famous in her school. Everybody knows her not becoz of academics( which she wasn’t) but becoz of her good nature. She had a crush on a guy — was so good to her. But after a while she realised he was just using her to be famous. To achieve a fame. When he became famous, he left her standing in the aisle full of people.

Thats the way he became her so called ex-crush. As he was now with a girl. It was hard to ignore firstly for her, After a while it was possible. One day her ex-crush and his girlfriend sitting just right infront of her bench made her sick. She just wanna switch her seats but no one said yes for it. She got stucked in hell. She watched them Holding their hands. They were totally in love with each other.

She was jealous of course but also angry. Angry becoz he used her and left her alone. She can’t even focus on the class. So she texted her best friend — ‘‘ lovebirds 12 o’clock ’’

best friend: ‘‘he don’t even deserve your jealously. You’re the best. Be your best and move on babe ’’ 😊

Her: ‘‘ trying ’’ 😳

Few days later — —

While she was walking through the hallway to her locker she heard someone saying- hey !! But she ignored as her name wasn’t called.

Her best friend came up to her

Best friend: hey !! Your ex-crush was calling you up

Her: seriously ! — where’s his girlfriend? Thats the only time he forget the word loyalty . lol

Best friend : true that . Lol

After the classes are over , she & her friend was heading towards the parking lot. Her friend saw the ex-crush waving at them a goodbye which was a lil weird. That person who totally ignored them and be with other girl is now actually showing some intrest.

Her: its too late for a friendship right?

Best friend: yup, now he’ll know your values for sure.

You don’t have to take revenge. Moving on simply solves everything. Its hard to forget but after sometime you’ll definitely get use to it but not forget. It just stops bothering. And learning from your mistakes & won’t repeating is the best secret potion. ❤
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