The dress code

Colleges and schools are meant for giving us education and education doesn’t only mean studying our respected study subjects, Education means to give us moral aspects of life Educating about freedom, equality and liberty.

In our college things are little bit diffrent. I’m not going to blame the institution or any person as right now i maybe offending lots of opinion. I’m only going to blame one thing — the dress code

I think Problems with dress code may have arised in many other colleges. We don’t wear uniforms but we have some restrictions regarding what to wear especially science students. So here are two main things:

  1. We can’t wear sleevless top
  2. We can’t wear capris bottom

Anything which is trendy or modern is seems to be vulgar in the eyes of our colleges like the ripped jeans or ankle jeans. Skirts? Totally banned But can wear long skirts. I remember a girl being scolded for her eyeliner, wearing high heels or wearing a one piece, infact her knees were covered.

Being a science student doesn’t mean you have to wear all body covered outfit. Does a dress decides our character? Does our fashionable outfits defines who we are? Does wearing makeup tell us our true nature?


Then why? Why a Girl is always pointed out for her dress even in a place of education? Education are meant for teaching us about freedom and equality among the gender. Educations are meant for changing people perspective about the society. Inspiring us to believe in breaking the taboo.

If we wanna bring a change in people perspective about gender then we have to start from the base. Schools and colleges are the base of every upcoming generation. By giving a proper education , proper facility, proper environment we can bring a change.