Leaked news for TON (Telegram Open Network) — Fift as the Smart Contract Programming Language

I am very excited about TON because I think that it will bring BlockChain to the mass. Non-technical people will use BlockChain from their Telegram Wallet without the need to know a lot about the underlying technology.

Below, is some leaked news about TON. They could not be accurate and I cannot provide any insurance about any piece of information mentioned here. So, enjoy reading the following, but do not make any decision based on it.

Process on the Telegram Open Network (TON) development:
Development of the TON Blockchain is well underway: 388 source files committed, 90,345 lines of new C++ code, 260,655 words, 2,661,296 bytes.
Significant progress in TON P2P Network, including the complete code for propagating new blocks.
Finished work on the TON Virtual Machine for smart-contract execution — a crucial element of the Blockchain. Accompanied by a new 130+ page manual by Dr. Nikolai Durov (currently being proof-read).
New optimized language, based on Forth (called Fift)
Now working on the complete BlockChain format specification (~35% done).
On track for summer release of Minimal Viable Product and Test Network.
I wonder what other protocols will be needed once TON launches their 200+ mln cross-country network

The interesting part for me, as a developer, is that TON is written in C++ and the smart-contract language (called arbitrary-code) will be written in a “new optimized language, based on Forth (called Fift)”.

Note: Forth (the base of Fift) is the language of hackers. And a smart-contract at TON are called Arbitrary Code; which is a term used by attackers when they excite a piece of code on the target machine. The naming logic here seems interesting for me.

If you are a developer and you are interested in learning and sharing knowledge on how to develop on Telegram and TON, you can join https://t.me/Develop_on_TON.