This article is part of a series in which I speak about my little journey in using an Artificial Intelligence Problem Solver for Dynamic Workforce Scheduling

Dynamic Workforce Scheduling as an AI Problem

In research literature, our problem is called: Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window.

When the scenario is not very complex, the problem could be…

This was contributed to ConsenSys repository for Smart Contract Best Practices at GitHub. My edits were merged, after deleting some sentences and paraphrasing some others while keeping the idea and the suggested code: Accordingly, I rote Safe ERC20:

Prevent transferring to the 0x0 address

If you allow human mistakes, it will happen. By the…

Saving Data on blockchain using a smart contract

This is the second publication of a series that aim to promote using Ethereum for building DApps. You may check the first publication of this series “Upgradable Smart Contracts” before you continue because some ideas are connected.

Which is the best? One smart contract for all entities, or one smart…

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