AirDropsDAC announces a partnership with Metal Packaging Token to airdrop MPT!

Malta Block
Mar 24, 2019 · 4 min read

CHICAGO, March 25, 2019 — AirDropsDac announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Metal Packaging Token to airdrop MPT.

Metal Packaging Token is a Blockchain-based solution to improve cost-effectiveness within the metal packaging industry.

Every product that we use in our daily lives requires some type of packaging and every product can have more than one packaging solution. Common packaging solutions include metal, glass, paper, and plastic. Of these, only metal and glass are 100% recyclable without any loss in purity or quality. Selection of a packaging solution is many times influenced by its cost and industry lobbyists, rather than by its impact on the environment. Plastic pollution, as we all know, is threatening the very survival of our planet.

MPT’s goal is to stimulate the world’s Metal Packaging Industry. Absolutely every product that can be packed in metal containers should be packed in metal containers and MPT intends to achieve just that!

Metal Packaging Token aims to build can recycling machines to be strategically placed at MPT deposit points and to develop an MPT mobile app to be used by end consumers.

People are incentivized to return metal cans to MPT deposit points and earn MPT as a reward.

The founders of Metal Packaging Token, Carlos Cabanelas, and Peter Schoonwagen have extensive experience and contacts within the meta packaging industry.

Token Distribution:

MPT has a maximum supply of 1.8 Billion. Of this, 50% is being airdropped to EOS account holders at a 1:1 ratio up to a max of 500,000 MPT per account.

MPT Airdrop:

The snapshot for this airdrop was taken on the 15th of March, 2019.

All EOS accounts with a balance above 0 are eligible for this airdrop.

We are using a hybrid model to airdrop MPT.

In the first round, MPT is airdropped to all EOS account holders using our claimable token model.

This airdrop needs to be claimed within a 6 week period.

All unclaimed tokens will be reclaimed in the first week of May. This will be followed by vAirdrop using vRAM. AirDropsDAC as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) offers vAirdrop using vRAM developed by LiquidApps.

vRAM is a paging mechanism for accessing the indexed data stored on IPFS by the DSPs. With vRAM, data from the chain history is made available to contracts in RAM on demand.

vAirdrop does not require mainnet RAM and therefore there is no reclaim with this. If you missed claiming MPT within the 6 week period, you can always claim the MPT vAirdrop at a later date.

The claim process for the first airdrop is similar to our previous claimable airdrops such as ZKS and EMT.

You can claim the tokens through our portal or by transferring the token to another account. MPT can also be claimed through EOS Discussions. You can login to EOS Discussions and leave a small MPT tip to claim your tokens. Video instructions regarding this will be posted later.

vAirdrop can only be claimed through our portal.

EOS Discussions hosts community-powered discussions covering everything in the EOS ecosystem.

AirDropsDAC offers full-range of airdrop services. From token smart contract design and creation to managing the resources needed for an airdrop such as RAM and CPU, as well as taking care of all the details that go into conducting a successful airdrop.

AirDropsDAC also offers services as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) on the EOS Mainnet. AirDropsDAC intends on making the development of DAPPs more affordable, efficient and scalable through its DSP packages.

Follow AirDropsDAC:

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Follow Metal Packaging Token:

|Website | Telegram | Twitter | EOS Discussions |


AirDropsDAC宣布与Metal Packaging Token达成合作,将空投MPT代币!

芝加哥时间2019年3月25日,AirDropsDAC宣布与Metal Packaging Token达成合作,将空投MPT代币。

Metal Packaging Token (金属包装代币) 是基于区块链的、提高金属包装产业效能的解决方案。

包装用材在我们生活中广泛存在 — 每种产品其实都有不止一种的包装材料。一般的包装材料包括金属,玻璃,纸材,和塑料;而在这其中,只有金属能做到100%的无污无损回收。包装产业对环保的影响也十分重大,正如塑料污染,正在慢慢威胁到地球环境。

MPT的目标正是促进金属包装行业的发展 — MPT致力于让每一件可以用金属包装的产品都能顺利用上金属包装!



MPT的创始人,Carlos Cabanelas和 Peter Schoonwagen,有着丰富的金属回收行业经历。









随后vAirdrop将会使用vRAM。AirdropsDAC 作为Dapp服务提供商(DSP)将通过LiquidApps开发的vRAM提供vAirdrop服务。



第一轮空投的认领过程将会与我们之前认领模式的代币类似,如ZKS何EMT。您可以通过我们的入口进行认领,也可以将此代币转账给其他账户完成认领。MPT也可通过参加EOS 讨论论坛认领。请登录EOS 讨论论坛并打赏留下一小部分MPT来完成认领。我们也将会推出认领的视频教程。






|Website | Telegram | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter |


|Website | Telegram | Twitter | EOS Discussions |

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