Claim your Emanate (EMT) Tokens!

Malta Block
Apr 8, 2019 · 3 min read

CHICAGO, April 4, 2019 — Please claim your Emanate (EMT) Tokens before it is too late!

EMT Airdrop:

Emanate and AirdropsDAC airdropped EMT on 21st of March, 2019.

The snapshot for this airdrop was taken on the 10th of February, 2019.

All EOS accounts with a balance above 0.5 EOS were eligible for this airdrop.

10 EMT was airdropped to 300,585 accounts with a 99.96% success rate.

We are using a hybrid model with this airdrop. The airdrop on 21st of March was done using our claimable token model. This is similar to our previous airdrops such as ZKS and ZOS. You need to claim this EMT prior to the first week of May. We will take back all the unclaimed EMT in the first week of May.

If for some reason you forgot to claim, don’t worry! We have got you covered! With our hybrid model, after we take back the unclaimed tokens, we will do a vAirdrop using vRAM. AirDropsDAC as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) offers vAirdrop using vRAM developed by LiquidApps.

vAirdrop can only be claimed through our portal and details will be announced in May 2019.

All unclaimed tokens will be taken back in the first week of May. vRAM is a paging mechanism for accessing the indexed data stored on IPFS by the DSPs. With vRAM, data from the chain history is made available to contracts in RAM on demand.

vAirdrop does not require mainnet RAM and therefore there is an extended claim period for this. If you missed claiming EMT before May, you can always claim the EMT vAirdrop at a later date.

To claim EMT, head over to Alpha Intro. You can also get shortlisted for an Alpha Emanate account which will come with 200 EMT. This will give you full listening access for 2019. You can manage your EMT and buy more on Emanate Dashboard.

vAirdrop can only be claimed through our portal.

Emanate is an audio exchange protocol built on EOS, allowing artists to be paid in real-time and to collaborate globally without the need of trust. This will bring efficiency and transparency to the music industry. Emanate plans to create a self-governing decentralized autonomous organization that will align the incentives of all the music industry participants.

AirDropsDAC offers full-range of airdrop services. From token smart contract design and creation to managing the resources needed for an airdrop such as RAM and CPU, as well as taking care of all the details that go into conducting a successful airdrop.

AirDropsDAC also offers services as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) on the EOS Mainnet. AirDropsDAC intends on making the development of DAPPs more affordable, efficient and scalable through its DSP packages.

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芝加哥,4月8日,2019 — 来速领取(Emanate)EMT空投代币啦!

EMT 空投过程:






如果出于某些原因您错过了该期限而未领取,请勿着急!在本次的混合模型中,我们将会再次使用vAirdrop与vRAM进行空投 — 使用vAirdrop的空投仅可在AirDropsDAC的入口中被认领,我们会在五月更新更多的细节。




请在Alpha Intro申领EMT代币。您还可以获得一个Alpha Emanate账号以及200个EMT代币 — 它们可以用于支付2019年全年的收听权限!您可以在Emanate Dashboard面板中购买更多或者管理您的EMT代币。





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