Malta Block Completes ETHBNT Airdrop on EOS for Bancor!

Malta Block
Jan 15 · 2 min read

CHICAGO, January 13, 2020 — Malta Block has completed the ETHBNT airdrop for Bancor on EOS.

As announced in September 2019, Bancor is on a path to becoming a DAO and the ETHBNT airdrop is a key milestone in that journey.

ETHBNT airdrop is essentially a 10% bonus on your BNT holdings. For example, if you hold 100 BNT, you will receive an amount of ETHBNT in your wallet equal to the value of 10 BNT.

ETHBNT automatically generates fees from every ETH-based trade on Bancor. The value of ETHBNT appreciates with each ETH/BNT conversion on Ethereum.

So what can you do with these ETHBNT tokens?

Holding ETHBNT is equivalent to staking on the Bancor protocol. Holders are entitled to a proportional share of the trading fees from ETH-based transactions on the network.

You can also move the liquidity to another fee-generating pool such as DAI:BNT or DAI:USDB.

You can also swap ETHBNT for any other token on Bancor Network including ETH, EOS or DAI.

ETHBNT Airdrop on EOS:

The snapshot for this airdrop was taken on New Year’s Eve.

Snapshot Block number is 97,946,091.

All EOS accounts which had a balance of BNT are eligible for this airdrop.

About Malta Block

Malta Block offers a full-range of airdrop services. From token smart contract design and creation, to managing the resources needed for an airdrop such as RAM and CPU, as well as taking care of all the details that go into conducting a successful airdrop.

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