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Sep 4, 2019 · 3 min read

RWC Airdrop from Malta Block ( AirDropsDAC)

CHICAGO, September 3, 2019 — Malta Block (Formerly AirDropsDAC) is excited to announce the Real World Coupon (RWC) Airdrop.

Real World Coupon (RWC)

We often wonder how blockchain technology will shape the future of the world we live in. What effect it will have on our daily lives as well as the businesses we interact with. Blockchains not only improve efficiency but provide dynamic solutions to old ideas.

When’s the last time you cut a coupon out of a newspaper or magazine? You’d cut it out, drive to the store, and hand it to the cashier as you were purchasing your goods. With the rise of the Internet, and all things digital, coupons took on new shapes. Not only could they be accessed online, but they could easily be printed out or redeemed in the form of discount codes. Companies like Groupon appeared providing businesses with a new and innovative way to lure consumers. While the proficiency of coupons continued to improve, a common trait remained. Coupons were a one-way ticket. As quickly as a merchant received a coupon in any of its many forms, it was disposed of, until now…

Real World Coupon is writing the next chapter in the evolution of the system. By applying blockchain technology and building a transparent and decentralized tokenized economy around their coupons (RWC), they become infinitely reusable. Let me explain how this works …

John wants a sponsored article on EOSwriter. He sees that EOSwriter, a Real World Coupon partner is offering a deal.

Spend 100 RWC and receive a 10% off of EOSwriter sponsored articles and ad banners, up to 10 EOS discount.

John goes to the exchange, buys 100 RWC, and then transfers it to EOSwriter to receive his discount.

EOSwriter then decides they want to increase their visibility by purchasing an ad banner. They know that MEET.ONE, another Real World Coupon partner is offering a similar deal.

Spend 100 RWC and receive 10% off on MEET.ONE wallet ad banner and promotions up to 10 EOS.

EOSwriter takes the 100 RWC they just received from John and transfers it to MEET.ONE.

MEET.ONE, like any holder of RWC has options. For one, they can transfer that RWC back to the exchange and sell it for value. They can also use the coupons on other platforms to get discounts on goods and services. Unlike traditional coupons RWC always carries value and never gets destroyed.

Real World Coupon has made it extremely rewarding for platforms, projects, and users who participate in the coupon economy. Accepted partners of the RWC discount program will receive a RWC token reward for the next 30 months and will be actively promoted worldwide. The RWC token will benefit from an increasing number of use cases. Crypto projects will benefit, as they’re able to use RWC tokens for discounts and promotions. Non-crypto users will soon be incentivized to explore the power of crypto as acceptance of RWC continues to expand to a growing number of physical shops.

Malta Block (AirDropsDAC) offers full-range of airdrop services from token smart contract design and creation to custom snapshots and managing the resources needed for an airdrop such as RAM and CPU, as well as taking care of all the details that go into conducting a successful airdrop.

Malta Block is also one of the largest DSPs (DAPP Service Provider) offering a wide range of services including Liquid vRAM, LiquidAirdrops, Liquid Oracles, LiquidAccounts and LiquidScheduler.

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