Telos World 2020 Conference Videos Now Available!

Malta Block
Mar 16 · 2 min read

CHICAGO, March 16, 2020 — Telos World 2020 Virtual Conference was held on 21st of January, 2020. Conference videos are now available.

Telos World 2020 Virtual Conference was made possible with a grant from Telos Community and Telos Works.

Telos World 2020 Virtual Conference playlist is available here.

Here are links to individual sessions:

Welcome Remarks: Michael Gucci, MD. Founder of Malta Block / Telos-21Zephyr.

SEEDS: Rieki Cordon

SEEDS: A payment platform and financial ecosystem to empower humanity and heal our planet.

Zeptagram — Christina Löwenström

Zeptagram is a music rights trading platform on Telos.

Unbiased — Sukesh Tedla

Unbiased — A user privacy focused social platform and data marketplace using blockchain and AI.

Keynote Speech: Telos 2020 — The Year of Adoption: Douglas Horn

eZar — Rory Mapstone

eZar — Stablecoin backed by South African Rand.

Telos Decide — Peter Bue

Telos Decide — on-chain voting platform on Telos Blockchain.

Sesacash — Blaise B. Bayuo

Sesacash — Multi-currency borderless account.

Sqrl Wallet — Michael Gucci, MD

Sqrl wallet — An easy to use all-in-one multi-purpose wallet.

Peeranha — Sergey Ilin

Peeranha: A decentralized website with questions & answers that rewards users with tokens for their contributions.

Transledger — Didier Martin

Transledger — A peer to peer platform for trading and moving tokens across blockchains.

dStor — Douglas Horn

dStor — A decentralized storage solution for the storage of large scale information on Telos.

Havuta — Paul de Havilland

Havuta — Creating a blockchain based feedback loop benefiting NGOs, engaging their beneficiaries and promoting transparency.

Telos Works — C J Anders

Telos Works: The Telos Worker Proposal System.

Telos Foundation — Justin Giudici

Telos Foundation — A decentralized, independent, not-for-profit organization charged with the role of promoting Telos Blockchain.

Telos Branding — Patricia Parkinson

The thought process behind Telos rebranding:

Closing Remarks Michael Gucci, MD

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