ZKS Claim Period Extended!

Malta Block
Nov 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Greetings to the EOS community!

As an early holiday present for our fans and customers, AirdropsDAC has decided to extend the claim period for ZKS into January of 2019. ZKS will now be reclaimed in January of 2019, so users will have more time to claim their ZKS tokens.

ZKS tokens offer a simple and efficient solution for accessing CPU and Network resources on the EOS blockchain. ZKS token is an easily redeemable token which provides .9 EOS of CPU and .1 EOS of NET for three hours per token upon redemption of the token on https://ZKS.one. ZKS tokens can be claimed until the middle of January 2019. Claim your ZKS tokens now, and if you are still considering whether to keep your ZKS tokens or not, make sure to decide before the AirDropsDAC reclaim in mid-January 2019.

The ZKS token developers provided an initial airdrop of 31 ZKS per EOS account with at least .1 EOS at the beginning of November, 2018. The token was dropped through the AirDropsDAC service, which is a new service that helps developers with the token airdrop process. Unclaimed tokens will be reclaimed in mid-January, so be sure to get your ZKS while you still can.

Why will the tokens be reclaimed?

The ZKS token is using an “Invitation To Claim” model. The invitation to claim model sets up a period of time when the invitation to an airdrop is available to be “claimed”. This model is best for users because it allows users to decide which airdrops they want to participate in. If the tokens are not claimed within the airdrop period, then the tokens will be reclaimed and users will be assumed to not desire their ZKS airdropped tokens. EOS users interested in getting ZKS can claim their ZKS token airdrop through the ZKS portal, through the EOS toolkit, or by transferring some ZKS from one account to another account.

How to Claim:

  • To claim ZKS using the EOS toolkit, log into Scatter on the site and select the airgrab tokens menu on the left side. Under the airgrab tokens menu, select the claim button next to the ZKS token symbol.
  • To claim ZKS visiting https://zks.one/, login with Scatter on the main page and select the claim option which will appear after you log in.
  • To claim ZKS using the transfer option, go to the EOS toolkit select transfer tokens in the left hand menus, and send ZKS from one account to another account. After the transfer, your ZKS will be automatically claimed in your account.

With ZKS, developers and users can be confident that they will have the CPU and network resources they need for whatever tasks they desire to complete on the EOS blockchain. ZKS tokens are claimed with ease and efficiency on the ZKS website. We hope that through the provision of ZKS, EOS developers and users can more easily access the resources they need to flourish in the EOS ecosystem.






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