ZOS Airdrop: Claim Your Tokens And Enter To Win 10 EOS + 100,000 ZOS!

Malta Block
Jan 28, 2019 · 3 min read

Wednesday night at 00:00 UTC January 30, 2019 the first airdrop
of ZOS is coming!

ZOS Slogan Contest is now live on EOS Discussions — The on-chain, community focused forum for everything EOS! To take part in the contest,
just simply go to: eos.discussions.app/#/e/airdropsdac and follow the instructions (we are also talking more about that here).

ZOS is an electronic discount token system that works as a payment for all
of the services provided by AirDropsDAC. AirDropsDAC services include
full-service airdrops with smart contract and token design, analytics,
and marketing services. ZOS is the first discount token system on the EOS mainnet, and it provides significant discounts on airdrop services, giving
a 50% discount on AirDropsDAC services in 2019, 25% discount in 2020 and 13% discount forever afterwards.

The ZOS token is airdropped using an “Invitation To Claim” model.
The invitation to claim model sets up a period of time when the invitation to an airdrop is available to be “claimed”. This model is best for users because
it allows them to decide which airdrops they want to participate in.
If the tokens are not claimed within the airdrop period, then the tokens will be reclaimed. EOS developers and users interested in getting ZOS can claim their ZOS token airdrop through the ZOS portal, or by sending 1 ZOS
to the account zosresponses or by transferring 1 ZOS from one account
to another account.

This model uses claimable.token contract and was developed by AirDropsDAC to recover and reuse RAM. We have made the contract open-source and
the code is available here:


Claim ZOS and enter to win 10 EOS + 100,000 ZOS!!! — how to:

  1. Send 1 ZOS to the account zosresponses. In the memo field, write a catchy slogan
    a) Example: AirDropsDAC — Push Button Airdrop
    b) If we select your entry, you win 10 EOS + 100,000 ZOS!!!
  2. Claim ZOS through the AirDropsDAC Portal — https://portal.airdropsdac.com/app/claim
  3. Send 1 ZOS to a second account that you have. If you don’t have a second account, you can always send to the account — zosresponses.

Be sure to claim your ZOS airdrop while it’s still available! We are going to reclaim all the unclaimed tokens in 6 weeks. To stay tuned with the updates and timeline of the airdrops follow AirDropsDAC socials and our website where we will be posting the news coming up!


ZOS Slogan Contest page: https://eos.discussions.app/#/e/airdropsdac/4576846811

ZOS website: https://www.airdropsdac.com/zos/

AirDropsDAC Panel: https://portal.airdropsdac.com/app/claim

Telegram AirDropsDAC: https://t.me/airdropsdac

Twitter AirDropsDAC: https://twitter.com/airdropsdac

Facebook AirDropsDAC: https://www.facebook.com/airdropsdac/

YouTube AirDropsDAC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9vWQrlEBJ0BZ9ZzW-vY_1A/

Telegram ZKS: https://t.me/GoZKS

Zhihu ZKS: https://www.zhihu.com/people/zks-95-73/activities

BancorX EOS Network: https://eos.bancor.network/

BetDice Website: https://betdice.one/

Get BONUS ZKS from Referral Link !

P.S. If you are playing on Bet Dice, don’t forget you can earn bonus ZKS! Please use the referral link from our site to earn your bonus ZKS today!

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