How to Trade your BNT using Parity (v1.3)
Asaf Shachaf

After many attempts (that is after spending some gas), I assume the ETH is stuck in the Ethertoken contract: do you confirm or could it be somewhere else? If so, I would proceed in one of the following ways:

  1. reset the approve function with value 0, then approve a correct value and send to BNT changer contract
  2. withdraw my ETH from Ethertoken contract and use the experimental single step procedure.

However one question remains: how do I know how many ETHs or WEIs are astuck in the Ethertoken contract? I want to withdraw from Ethertoken to my wallet then use the simple experimental way.

Another question: is Gas withdrawn from my wallet or from the contracts? The latter case would make the recovery a little more complicated

Thanks and many compliments for the idea, which I still consider great. I hope some guide on how to recover from such failed transaction will come soon, please anknowledge the trust some people had in your team and were not good at following your guide (the hint to use WEIs as unit_value_256 was in the guide for MyEtherWallet, not on the guide for Parity, so it is not the fault of Parity users if they approved only a value in ETH by mistake)

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