A silent farewell

I sat there silently observing,

the brawling babies and screaming vendors,

street hawkers selling the wide array of

vibrant array of toys and sweet meats.

They all seemed like one,

and me, solo , away, above them,

hovering around as a whole different entity,

observing, grasping, soaking in

the emotions, hassle, the commotions,

home bound I was, to where I belonged next,

leaving with my heart and mind , oh so heavy,

with thousands of memories etched into them.

A place, that I did once call my home,

now far away, away from my grasp.

This is something, I silently chose,

to move forward and start life afresh.

Another place, another town,

But my identity intact, i bid

adieu to this magnificent, glorious chapter.

-Ananth M