When you are thinking too deep…

We say we are led by great men,

their wisdom and strength.

We seek guidance and devote ourselves,

To them, till our very last breath.

We say we follow fire, the raw and strong,

or maybe act on our desires,

To possess all that we want.


we feel lost, when men turn their paths,

Or when fire gets lost in the smoke,

when desires finds no end.

We find ourselves standing alone.

Alone, we are not, then we discover,

our work is our worship,

our truth is our leader.

Our strength is the simple faith in one’s existence,

our desire’s end, our destination.

And so,

the only tools we need, are compassion and reason.

We need not make our choices out of fear

For it defeats the very best of minds.

We live in, and seek and enjoy the present,

And find in ourselves, what we call divine.

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