Design Briefs: 002 — Google Stock Price Trends on Search Results


Whenever one searches for specific companies or stock tickers, Google will show a result that shows the stock price trend over time:

Search engine results page — searching for the term “tsla” returns a stock price chart with interactive controls.


Clicking on the chart, activates a “drag-select” mode that will calculate the price differential for the highlighted window of time:

Clicking and dragging creates a custom window of time and shows the price calculation for said window.

This is extremely useful if you want to understand the total change through a specific window of time at a glance without needing to use the calculator, or any other app.


Discoverability! I accidentally stumbled upon this functionality as I accidentally missed the tab to change the time range.


I’d add a small info button/label that uses hover, or some other visual affordance to indicate that this feature exists.