Talk to Me, Please.

Talk to me.

Talk to me about everything you care for. Everything you don’t care for. Talk to me about things that hurt you the most, please you the most, anger you, frighten you, move you.

Talk to me. Talk to me about anything, everything, nothing. Just, talk to me.

And I don’t mean that kiss emoji you sent me last night or that cute ‘I lurve u’ text during lunch break. I don’t care about your likes on my Instagram. I really don’t.

What I care about is your words. Words spilling out of your sweet, sweet mouth. Words that tell me your story in more than 140 characters. Tell me a joke on our commute to work instead of showing me a meme. Say things to me that will make me love you more than I already do.

Talk to me. Talk to me about things I care about, things you care about (and I don’t), things we care about.

Talk to me in the middle of the night, on the bus, in bed, from behind the door. Talk to me from across the room if you have to. Talk to me while I am reading a book, seriously, I don’t mind. But, talk to me.

Talk to me. I am not asking, I am pleading. Talk to me and I shall not ask anything of you. Talk to me and seduce me. Talk to me so that I know we are right for each other. Talk to me and make me all yours and become all mine.

Talk to me, please.

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