#TheEveryday: The small things count

I’m writing this just after visiting Pondicherry. It’s a city where everything slows down. The laid back cafes, colorful streets, calming ocean and the lush greenery sweeps you into a different world. You see, each place can be characterized so uniquely and has its own charm. After all, I think that’s the essence of travelling — experiencing each and every place as it is in its truest and most natural form.

As I lay down in the sleeper bus on the way back, it dawned on me that this short trip had given me the time and space to slow down and just take a breather. See, every trip doesn’t need to be about going to exotic places and doing a bunch of new things. Experiences can also be simple but meaningful in its own special way. We always wait for the big holiday — but maybe sometimes its these small getaways that can actually elevate our state of mind.

This holds true for life in general. More often than not its the small steps, milestones, and wins that help us build our future and energizes us to move forward. So let’s celebrate them and maybe even go on weekend road trip in the meantime :)