[Difficulty Level: Easy] [Time: <15 minutes] [ Password Cracking ]

This article was written to document my solution to “Lernaean Hydra”, a retired hack the box web Challenge created by Arrexel. This tutorial involves password cracking and a little network packet analysis. Hack the Box is a popular free platform used to build offensive security skills.


This challenge was solved using a Google Cloud preemptible n1-standard-8 instance (8 vCPUs, 30 GB memory) running Ubuntu 18.04 …

Gather Adversarial Data using SSH-Honeypot

** This article shows how to build a honeypot using Azure Portal, if you would like to learn more about honeypots before building one read this sister article I wrote: Honeypots Explained: In the Wild and in SecOps.

Start by building a resource group. This will manage all of the resources related to this honeypots as a singular group. …

A crash course to using `update-alternatives`

First, check the current python3 version reference with python3:

$ python3 -V
Python 3.6.9

You can have python37 output python 3.7.x (where x is the latest version digit) using update-alternatives. First, install Python 3.7.

$ sudo apt-get install python3.7

To make the change, we’ll be using the tool update-alternatives. For more information about this tool, see the man page man update-alternatives.

Image for post
Image for post
man page for `update-alternatives`


Emily Eubanks

I write about cybersecurity topics including DFIR, MARE, and programming.

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