Instructions to Uninstall Uncheckit from Windows OS

Ads by Uncheckit flood your web browser and your computer screen without warning? Have you found that your browser are getting slower and you don’t know what’s wrong with it at all? It is all because of Uncheckit adware hides in your computer. If you want to get rid of all those needless ads, you have to remove the adware from your machine. If so, you are lucky to come to right place. This post will show you the detail information of the removal steps.

More Information about Uncheckit

Uncheckit belongs to an adware program (also known as potentially unwanted program), which will be able to attack the browser when PC users download malicious programs or processes. It is able to get installed automatically on the target machine via exploiting system holes, suspicious links, spam emails, malicious websites and so forth. Generally, this adware claims to be a useful application that can enhance users’ browsing experience by offering them useful services. Nevertheless, its final objective is to gain profit for its creators by displaying attractive ads to the computer users and tricking them into buying its commodity. Besides, this adware tends to immediately transfer settings of your browsers once successfully installed. Next, a great range of adverts will appear on your browser such as discounts, banners, pop-ups or dynamic image ads. In addition, it has the capability of diffusing more ads focusing on your hobbies through monitoring your secret personal information. For instance, it’s fond of tailing after your online activities, IP address, search queries and preferred websites, and delivers valuable data to the third party. For this reason, you need to remove Uncheckit once any trace of it is found on your computer.

Dangers of Uncheckit

1. It sneaks into your computer and affects your browser without letting you know.

2.It changes your desktop layout and settings of the browser without your permission.

3. It shows a lot of ads and useless information on your PC.

4. It may frequently cause browser redirect problems and stop you from accessing the common websites.

5. It collects and sends your crucial data to remote cyber hackers.

How Can You Remove Uncheckit Completely?

If you want to get rid of those unwanted ads brought by the adware and restore the web browser to a healthy condition, you have to remove the adware from the PC completely. To remove this adware, you can follow the manual removal steps mentioned below or you can download a effective removal tool.

1. Remove Uncheckit related program.

For Windows

Click on Start button > Select Control Panel > Click on Add/Remove Programs > locate any adware related program > Click on Remove button.

For Windows 7/Vista

Click on Start button > Select Control Panel > Click on Uninstall a Program / Programs and Features >locate any suspicous program > Click on Uninstall button.

For Windows 8

Move the mouse pointer to the right side corner > select Search > search for “control panel” to get Control Panel > click on Uninstall a Program > locate any unwanted program > click on Uninstall button.

2. Remove Uncheckit related add-ons from your PC.

Internet Explorer:

Find and click Tools in your browser, then select Manage add-ons.

Click Toolbars and Extensions.

Find the adware related add-ons in the list and select Disable.

Google Chrome:

Open your browser, type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar of your browser and press Enter.

Find the unwanted add-ons in the list and delete them.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open your browser.

Find Tools button and click on it, then click Add-ons.

Find the unwanted add-ons in the list and disable/remove them.

3. Find out and remove the files associated with Uncheckit.

4. Open registry editor: Click “Start” menu, hit “Run”, then type “regedit”, click “OK”. When Registry Editor opens, search and delete registry entries related to the adware.

How to Avoid Adware Infection?

Uncheckit states that the coupons can help you save much time and money. It is suggested that you select the Advanced or Custom installation mode when installing any application, because in this way you can uncheck the boxes in front of the optional programs which may turn out to be potentially unwanted programs. In addition, you should be cautious with spam attachments, for they may contain malicious codes. It not only can help you deeply scan your whole system, but also can delete the threat automatically and safely from your PC. In the same time, you cannot trust all the links on the web sites especially those in the emails sent by strangers.