I have been teaching computing for several years now, and the NCSS challenge is integral to the software design and programming unit. More than ever, I believe that students are blind to — or forget — how much they learn when they participate in the challenge.

“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” — John Dewey

With a nod to Mr Dewey, I designed the year 9 IST task (teacher resources available here) to promote reflecting on experience so students see their growth. …

Data fascinates me. Ironically, much as I enjoyed mathematics in high school, I did not enjoy Statistics and Probability — strands that haunt me particularly in my professional life. Another ironic thing is that while I enjoyed working with databases in my previous career in IT (I love SQL), I’ve not really ‘taught’ databases in high school computing in a way that genuinely shares this joy.

This post is not about Stats, Probability, or databases but rather something more fundamental.

This post is about data and, in particular, some novel ideas I’ve heard/read lately about what data is…and I’m fascinated even more! …

This week we have a guest blogger Malyn Mawby, a computing teacher at Barker College in Sydney. She is interested in the implications of teaching and learning computer science and blogs at https://malyn.edublogs.org.

Some years back I blogged about teaching coding, including how I introduced programming. Some months back I wrote about computational thinking (CT) and coding and the need to distinguish the two.

This time, I’d like to dive deeper into introducing algorithms as a product of computational thinking which may not necessarily lead into coding. In particular, I want to go into concepts involved with algorithms, and not just the mechanics of CT. …

Malyn Mawby

Computing teacher interested in too many things.

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