Does raising minimum wage take away jobs from people who need it?

Yes, it does take job away from people who need it in our economy today. This is because if people see a job pays more and they can make a living off of it, the job becomes popular. This takes jobs away from college students and teenagers who are trying to earn for college in order to get a better job. When the wage is raised as a whole, people take the jobs and the company’s may lose money because they were getting cheap labor before and now they would have to pay more for work that is not worth it. This may also be an incentive to not attend further schooling than high school because of the money. The counter-argument may be that the minimum wage has be raised as the decades go on. I noticed that it seemed to raise without and issue in past days and people were okay with that. I think that raises are fine but only if people are working hard and deserve the raise.