Human beings can be very impatient when it comes to learning new things. This is just in our nature to expect to know everything immediately. We want that instant satisfaction. Instant satisfaction is nice and achievable in some cases, but it’s not realistic, especially if you’re learning a new language. Learning a new language can be frustrating, challenging and yet incredibly rewarding.

Here are some tips to learn Spanish when you are an adult.

 Spend at least 30 minutes writing basic essays where you can use the grammar rules that you have learned in class. Start writing short sentences and ask someone that is Spanish proficient to check for mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and don’t stop writing!


Watching movies that you love is a great hack to learn Spanish. Choose a movie that you feel very familiar with the dialogues. At the beginning, you can start watching the movie with English audio and Spanish subtitles. When you feel a little comfortable, I’d recommend switching the audio and subtitles to Spanish. It’s a great way to improve your listening skills!


Music and singing are great resources to learn a foreign language. Music stimulates memory helping your brain to process new information better, expands vocabulary and improves pronunciation. Baladas, songs of slow tempo are the perfect choice to start with. You can start with these traditional Spanish Music For Kids.


The language used in children’s books is simple and facilitates your vocabulary acquisition. I’d suggest choosing bilingual Kids books so you can be able to compare both languages at the same time.


Culture and language are undeniably intertwined. When traveling to a Spanish-speaking country is not suitable, you can still immerse in the culture through local events and volunteer opportunities. These are great ways to practice Spanish with native speakers!


There are great apps to support your Spanish learning. One of them is Mama Lingua App, a great starting point for adults learning Spanish and for parents raising bilingual kids without having the knowledge. This user-friendly app provides you with audio recordings, translations and phonetic pronunciations of words and phrases that are most used in Spanish conversations.

MamaLingua English/Spanish is a language-learning app designed for parents to learn Spanish with their children. The app is organized categorically by activity — bathing, eating, changing, playing, and reading, among other daily routines — so that it provides relevant, everyday content. A great feature of the app is that it includes both audio and text, along with an easy-to-read phonetic system and the ability to search across both the Spanish and English databases. Also included is a favorites tab that allows the user to create a list of words and phrases they want to practice regularly.