The Science of Squirt

It’s NOT all pee, y’all

Kenna Cook
Aug 16, 2017 · 2 min read

This week’s Twitter chat for #SexTalkTuesday was all about the mysteriously wet wonder of female ejaculation aka SQUIRT! This expulsion of fluids during sexual arousal is often fetisizhed (squirt porn returns over 48,400 hits on PornHub) or written off at a “slutty party trick” in the bedroom.

Beyond asking the basic questions like, “is squirting really an orgasm?,” and “can anyone do it?”, the question of whether squirt was made up of urine was posed. Time for me to put on my sex science lab coat and sex geek out!

  • No, squirt is not urine.
  • No, squirt is not expelled from your urethra.

Squirt is a combination of diluted urine, prostate plasma, and vaginal secretions. It is released from the female prostate. The Journal of Sexual Medicine released a studied of the internal female* prostate with a group of ONLY 2 women - but at least they published a study!

Now, time for an anatomy lesson.

When we are all formed in the womb, we start out as ambisexual aka have the exact same parts. Once our little tadpole embryos are exposed to gonad hormones, the internal placement of the prostate and growth of the phallus beings. While a man’s* prostate ends up near his* rectum, the female* prostate, or Skene’s gland, develops behind her* urethral tube.

This means that squirting is similar to male* prostate ejaculation. And anyone who’s had a prostate orgasm can tell you how freaking intense they are. same as anyone who’s had a fluid expelling or squirting orgasm can tell you how freaking intense it is.

The bottom line with squirting is that it isn’t unsanitary, it isn’t something that makes your body weird, and if you enjoy it, then do it!

Whether it’s a dribble or the Splash Zone, make sure you’re enjoying safe, sane and consensual squirting!

**The assignments of “male” and “female” sex characteristics are used only to refer to a medical definition. There are more than 2 genders and science texts will reflect this soon, dammit!

Kenna Cook

Written by

Sex-Positive Parent & Sex Educator | Pan, Poly & Proud | Honey Nut Queerio🌈 #TransLove #BlackLivesMatter

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