🤩 Back when I discovered Notion, it wasn’t as widespread as it is now.
With my buddy lead engineer at Privateaser, we had to convince people internally, one by one.

🚀 But as soon as we started using within the Product Engineering team… the Notion magic happened: it quickly spread company-wide our +120 people.

💸 In just 2 years, Notion has acquired over 1M users and $2 billion valuation — with a group of 50 employees.

✌🏻 Here are my 5 key takeaways from the 50-min webinar of Forget the Funnel with the Head of Marketing at Notion, Camille Ricketts…

Taking a step back on my final project, back when I was working for Privateaser, a French Tech startup willing to disrupt the events industry with a SaaS-enabled marketplace vision.

About Privateaser

Privateaser is a marketplace willing to bring transparency in the MICE industry. We want to offer a much better experience for anyone willing to organize an event.

The context

At the time when Privateaser was willing to organize B2C events only, venue owners were bars. But when I joined as a Lead PM, the objective was to extend the supply and therefore work with diverse venues — such as co-working spaces, houseboats…

🤗 Quick intro

I am a Product Manager from France. 🇫🇷 Born and raised in Clermont-Fd— a must-visit region of the world, the Lonely Planet said so! — and I live in Paris.

I’ve been working as a Product Manager for 8 years now, mostly on SaaS Products, in B2B and B2B2C marketplaces and always in international startups. 🏀 I love basketball, 🌱I have a healthy lifestyle and 🤩 I love wearing colourful sneakers.

This is my very first Medium post and I must admit I am ashamed because I already did a clickbait title.

Why? With such a title, you probably expect…

Marion Darnet

Peps.pm co-founder helping startups hire PMs and scale their Product organization. Former Product Manager in #Marketplace #SaaSB2B

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