What Can Parents Expect When Their Child Needs a Replacement For Their Hip

Samuel Bianchi
Mar 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Most people are shocked to learn a child could end up needing a Pediatric Hip Replacement. Hip replacements are procedures individuals think of older people needing. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can cause problems with a child’s hip joint, including cancer. With this information, parents will know what to expect if their child needs this procedure.

Why Do Some Children Need This Procedure?

Although adults of increasing age are typically the ones that end up needing a hip replacement, children are not immune to some of the same problems adults face. Believe it or not, degenerative diseases can occur in childhood and lead to the destruction of the hip joint and other joints in the body.

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Children can also suffer from bone diseases and tumors that can lead to the destruction of the joint. Thankfully, the hip replacement procedure is able to be safely and efficiently carried out for children so they can regain their ability to walk and dramatically decrease their pain.

Surgery is sometimes needed when other means of intervention have been exhausted. A hip replacement procedure is sometimes the only means of restoring normal function of the hip joint and stopping the pain that often ends up crippling the child and making normal day-to-day living difficult.

What Can Parents Expect?

This procedure is an invasive one, and the child will be placed under general anesthesia so they will be asleep during the entire procedure. The anesthesia helps to ensure the procedure can be carried out safely, and the child will not experience any discomfort during the procedure or immediately after.

When this procedure is needed due to cancer in the joint, an oncology specialist will be in charge of the care the child receives. With the latest advancements in medical science, hip replacement procedures are less invasive than ever before, which means a decreased downtime and less pain.

If your child is complaining of hip pain and their walk is being compromised, make sure you schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel C. Allison. Visiting here will allow your child to be fully examined so the doctor can determine what intervention needs to be done.

With a full examination, X-rays, and MRI, children can be properly diagnosed to find the cause of their pain and functional joint concerns. Call the office right away to get started so your child’s joint health can be protected, and further damage avoided as much as possible.

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