Exhibition Visit : Connected World

| 互動展覽探索:互連世界

展覽位於紐約皇后區的科學博物館 (NYSCI)

觀察 | First Glance

每輪參觀人數約為20–30人,一次15分鐘。參加者以10+歲小朋友居多(隨便觀察法),大人則大多在旁陪伴或正好坐在旁邊椅子上呵呵的看小朋友與奇怪的東西互動 (XD)。遊戲一開始會由解說員以問答方式解說操作方法與遊戲邏輯,例如:植物生長需要什麼?水..陽光…土…。

20–30 persons for every run, 15 mins for each play. Participants are 10+ years old kids (random observation). Most adults are resting by the playground but with giggling quirkily on the strange interactions by their kids. Before game starts, educator will explain the logic behind this game, e.g what resources do plants need? Is it sunlight, water or earth, etc?

技術分析 | Technical Analysis

*場地 | Venue
3000 sqft (178平方公尺,50多坪吧)interactive floor and a 45ft (13公尺)high waterfall.
環境監控台。可以即時看到目前connected world環境的狀態(樹的死活)

Interactive floor size is 3000 sqft (158 sq m) and 45 ft (13m) height for the waterfall. It has 6 big projection screens (sub topics), stuffed wood with reflective material. Console monitor to watch the live status of connected world. Huge book where kids can literally flip over or point out along with related interactive content projected onto the book page.

*硬體 | Hardware
15台看起來很威的投影機 (EPSON) 做投影
8 組電腦 (一台控制兩個投影機?)
12 個sensors (可能是 kinect-like camera) with IR camera
大書本是 kinect + 投影機 + 監控相機 (不知道為什麼要多一個相機)

15 looks super awesome EPSON projector, 8 PCs (one for controlling two projectors?), 12 sensors with IR camera (might be kinect-like camera). Huge book is made of one kinect, over-head projector, surveillance camera ( not sure why there’s an extra camera)

*軟體 | Software
openFramework –
CV: 手勢(批柴),物件 (木頭) 分析
投影軟體 (Projection mapping)
內部溝通軟體 (Inter communication, 例如 OSC/ web socket, etc..)

openFramework — CV (computer vision): gesture (chop wood), object analysis (wood). Projection mapping software and Inter communication component (OSC/ web socket, etc…)

*互動 | Interactivity
砍(斜劈 )
種 (舉手)
玩 (跟動物玩)

Chop(/👋 )
Plant (raise hands)
Play (interact with animals)
Move(move woods to change creek’s direction)

製作公司 | Development Company

Design I/O http://design-io.com/projects/ConnectedWorlds/

參觀資訊 | Visit Info


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