I was there as a Sanders Alternate.
Steven Winkel

I remember the County Convention well. It was much as you described.

I will take issue with some of your other points. The convention was scheduled to start at 9. It didn’t start until nearly 10. The preliminary count was not pushed through to establish a Clinton lead. That’s ridiculous. A Clinton lead in a preliminary count means nothing. It was used to establish a quorum for the early business of the convention.

And actually, you don’t need to show up once you have your Credentials. You would still have been in the count as long as you showed up to get your credentials on Friday or Saturday. You wouldn’t have voted on anything, etc, but your vote would have been part of the final count.

I imagine that people running for the Executive Committee missed deadlines to register to run. And these are not lifetime appointments. Don’t be silly.

Oh, and the rules. The rules were established by a committee evenly comprised of Sanders and Clinton supporters. It was approved by the executive board and put on the website on April 14. It clearly states that any change at that point would need a petition AND a vote of 2/3 of the convention. That was never going to happen.

Thanks for replying!

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