But, he isn’t losing.
Kim Cooper

Oh goodness. Math is so hard. 2383 is the majority of delegates if you include superdelegates. They are using that as the magic number but then refusing to include her pledged superdelegates in that number. So you can do it one of two ways. You can count only pledged delegates for everyone and then compare how they are compared to where they need to be in order to get a majority of pledged delegates. Or you can add in the superdelegates to calculate everything. To include them in one place and not the other gives you a mathematical incorrect result.

Now. If you’d like to maintain there is a path, that is certainly your prerogative. It will be abundantly clear by June 7 anyway and no one is suggesting that he get out before then. I wouldn’t necessarily want him to. But this inability to deal with reality, and therefore an inability to plot a way going forward, is going to doom this movement more than anything the supposedly corrupt DNC could do.

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