Disputing that authority may “seem” silly…until you watch the video of her actually ruling on voice…
Ben Evans

Someone has to the be arbiter of the Convention. The rules have given that power to the Chair for quite some time, since at least 2008. And knowing that there were more Clinton delegates in the room, it is also reasonable to believe that a majority passed the rules as is required. Video can be misleading depending on where the person was standing in the room.

However, let’s just pretend that the Temporary Rules were voted down as the Permanent Rules. They would have still been the Rules. They are only Temporary until made Permanent but we are governed by the Temporary Rules until they are made Permanent. Changes to the Rules are quite prohibitive — probably to avoid just this sort of chaos.

The Temporary Rules are pretty clear about what changes can be made to them.

  • c. Once approved by the Executive Board of the Nevada State Democratic Party prior to the convention, these rules shall serve as the temporary rules of the convention until convention rules are permanently adopted by a majority vote.
  • d. Any motion to amend the Convention Agenda, the Temporary Convention Rules, or the Convention Rules shall require either a privileged resolution from the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Nevada State Democratic Party or a petition signed by twenty percent (20%) of all convention delegates.
  • e. Motions to amend the Convention Agenda, the Temporary Convention Rules, or the Convention Rules shall only be adopted upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all delegates

It’s also pretty clear that Suspension of the Rules is also not really possible.

  • III. Suspension of the Rules
  • a. These rules of the 2016 Nevada State Democratic Convention may only be suspended by a vote of three-fourths (3/4) of all convention delegates.
  • b. These rules shall only be suspended in the instance where an unforeseen circumstance in these rules has prohibited the convention from conducting its required business.
  • c. Under no circumstances shall these rules be suspended for taking any action contrary to expressed intent or will of these rules.
  • d. Either the Parliamentarian or the Convention Chair shall rule any motion to suspend the rules out of order based on the above criterion.
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