What’s a Mamapreneur?

And, why we NEED to take over the world!

#Mamapreneur = Mama + Entrepreneur (or biz owner, if you prefer)

A juggle, sometimes a struggle.

Always with choice + love + intent 💜

A Mama Mindset of Intentional Justice.

Love. Justice. Freedom.

Imparting scheduled flexibility on call at any hour, day, or week.

Often focused on her heart. ❤️ The goal with less striving. 💥 Giving her all to her kiddo(s) + co-parent + her community (family + friends) and beyond.

What lights her UP?

What makes her FEEL badass?

What inspires her to make a difference?

This can be your side hustle or a part-time gig, slinging multiple gigs or looking to go full-time, or been in the game for more than a decade.

Our lives model #IntentionalJustice each day!

So, let’s UNITE! 👭


How do you define a mamapreneur / mompreneur?

Please Speak YOUR truth ⤵️ below

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