DEAR BLACK MEN: You Are Not Pro-Black If You Are Not Pro Black Women
Daniel Johnson

You had me at, “That’s not Pro-Black. That is Black Patriarchy.” Word. And again with, “You are not Pro-Black if you erase Black women who are feminists from the conversation by telling them that feminism destroys the Black family unit.” As a Black Queer Feminist, it’s refreshing to read an article, especially one written by a Black man, that asks it’s readers to Google: Critical Black Feminist Thought.

What it boils down to is intersectionality. We can choose to align with one or more aspects of our identity, yet the reality is our complexity, truth, and vulnerability lye in the intersection. There’s so much more I could and wish to say, so I conclude with the desire to inspire a lovelution of intentional justice each day. ❤