Why does Mama Habits #LoveBristol?

Second up in my #MamaGetOutThere mini series is the gorgeous Sally, AKA @MamaHabits, telling us why she loves bringing up a family in Bristol.

Could you tell me a bit about yourself and which part of Bristol you live in?

I live with my husband and my 4 year old daughter in Bedminster, I work part time as a civil servant and I am with my daughter when she’s not in pre-school.

Bedminster is great there’s so much to do as a family but also we are so close to the city centre with even more to do and it means we can walk to work.

I don’t often leave Bedminster — north street is amazing for shopping and eating out, I honestly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The only thing that is lacking are the parks, I feel like other areas have really amazing well looked after parks, ours leave a lot to be desired.

What do you love about bringing up a family in Bristol?

Since having a baby I feel like I see a whole new side of this city, I love the wealth of activities there are, clubs and events as well as a huge amount of free museums and galleries to go to. Jess goes to art clubs, she’s done ballet and yoga, there are always festivals and fetes and interesting things going on. We don’t even do half of it but you can go to different events literally every week.

I like that I and my husband have a walkable commute, this is worth its weight in GOLD honestly. One of the main reasons we don’t think we’ll leave. I also love going out for drinks and dinner and I do still go dancing occasionally, all of which keep me sane!

What do you wish you did more of since having kids?

I miss going out in the evening, I miss sunsets — I feel like when I see one now I get so over excited because often I am already at home when they are happening.

We are very lucky though, we have family close by, we only have one child and she’s super good so have lots of willing babysitters. We do get to go out just not as much as I’d like. I also miss being spontaneous, that casual meet up with a friend after work for example just isn’t possible at the moment.

What would your dream day include?

A dream day with the family would be a Saturday where we wake up with no plans or obligations (certainly no birthday parties) we would go for a bike ride along the harbour, go for coffee and banana bread at Whapping Wharf then hang out on Brandon Hill for a bit — the park there has an amazing climbing frame which is my girls obsession right now, then a picnic before heading home for a nap! She does still nap once or twice a week. We all like quiet time in our house.

Then an early dinner at our local pub in the garden with friends and kids. Chaos but always fun — and when you have a mix of ages you generally get to enjoy your food and chat to friends because they all play!

Any tips on how to get out there and make the most of this wonderful city of ours, even with kids in tow?

When Jess was a baby I made sure to just plan one thing a day to make sure I always left the house even if it was just for a coffee on North Street. Sometimes I was more ambitious and we did lots of days out — especially to art galleries as they usually have great facilities and cafes so its a nice change from the usual playgroup situations.

My absolute favourite thing to do on my days off is to go to Tyntesfield. My big tip once you have a walker is to treat yourself to a National Trust membership. Its my retreat from the city, my girl can run about without worrying about other people and traffic. There are awesome play areas and cafes so you get coffee and they can play. It is so beautiful there it never fails to revive me.

Other than that try not to have expectations for a day out, the moment you hold on to having a wonderful day you’re asking for trouble! Be flexible too, if it’s not working ditch, do something else.

All images courtesy of @MamaHabits

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