MamaNames — Baby Names Search Engine helping 8.7 Million Expecting Parents Online

Mamanames, a startup, incorporated to serve 8.7 million expecting parents around the globe. A names search/recommendation engine for baby names browsing. launches its baby names recommendation engine to its global audience with one of the largest names database. It helps people of all religions — Christian, Hindu, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism — browse/explore and shortlist baby names. In addition to providing the best name browsing experience to its users, is well-positioned to be the only player to enable global advertisers hyper-target relevant products & services to its network of expecting-parents. And unlike any, it provides its users a separate baby-names directory to browse names that fall in the “Agnostic/Multiple-Religions” category.

Mamanames founder, Girish Mahadevan said that the market that serves expecting-parents is highly fragmented and several players around the globe are innovating to uniquely capture this market segment; including & especially Facebook, with its hyper-targeted audience-network feature “Behavior”. A holistic baby names recommendation engine as is by-far the most crucial digital player to serve this market as baby names browsing is an intrinsic need of the audience and already an estimated 15 million people (primarily expecting-parents) are turning to online baby names recommendation engines/portals for baby names ideas or to simply find unique, popular, modern, tradition, & trendy name for their child., as part of its launch, showcased and made available the most advanced baby names browsing features, such as:

  • Magic Baby Names Finder: Enabling users to find & shortlist names based on an existing name, i.e., existing name tastes.
  • Advanced Names Search: The most advanced name search online helps users filter name with a highly-targeted search criteria in the most effective manner. Users can search for names by gender, religion, alphabets, syllables, keywords, a names’ starting characters, and a names’ ending characters.
  • A to Z in One List: The online forums are clouded with a million lists and it became virtually impossible for users to find a single page/list that hosts all the names for a particular gender & religion. This is exactly what solved with their “AtoZ in One List” feature.
  • Curated Name Lists: The recommendation engine also strives to provide its users with the most contextual (manually curated) baby names lists.

About MamaNames

A baby names recommendation engine set to bring together all the expecting-parents around the globe with their common need, baby names browsing. The company with its recent August 2017 launch foresees to capture one million users via site visits. The beauty of mamanames is that it is designed to serve the ever-churning user base of expecting parents. Girish Mahadevan, Founder of Mamanames, is a serial entrepreneur & an erstwhile Principal Consultant & Vice President of Marketing & People Operations (HR) at multi-national IT companies.