Privacy Lets You Be You [VIDEO]

Security is defined (by some) as the degree of resistance to harm and harm comes in so many forms — whether destruction of your public standing, finances, trustworthiness, projected image to one person or group as opposed to others, your employability, your mental, physical and emotional well-being and so on — so much so that the internet has become a veritable minefield where the mischievous, malicious, incompetent or over inquisitive can bring about such devastation upon the innocent, the guilty, the stupid, the careless and, the bold, the reckless and even the supposedly competent.

Absolutely any measure which can operate in the background, working to remove or mitigate such risks should be not only left alone, they should be mandatory. You wouldn't go out into the big city naked, run around blindfolded whilst carrying knives or wander around with a t-shirt advertising your last STI, HIV or paternity test results (or your PIN number) and you certainly shouldn't be wandering the anonymous back-streets of the internet without protection.

Encryption of internet traffic should be a no-brainer and integrated into any and all software or smartphone app that takes you online.

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