How To Create A Checklist For Touring Retirement Communities

Choosing a retirement community is an important part of long term retirement planning. Anyone wondering how to create a checklist for touring retirement communities needs to think about a wish list. Once a list has been developed, it is time to prioritize what’s really important. There are a few key things to consider.

Budget and Expenses

Finding a great fit depends on how much you can spend. Membership fees and monthly expenses can vary, and you will want to know how much you are really spending before you move in. Some places will have an entrance fee and additional costs if you want to include meals and activities.

Organizational Structure

It’s natural to be dazzled by a perfect floor plan or a long list of amenities, but be sure to ask about the company or organization that owns the community. Find out how long they have been in business and what kind of reputation they have.

Resident Control

It’s important that you do not feel like you are living in an institution. Ask to take a look at staff turnover and resident satisfaction records. This will tell you if people like you are happy living and working in the community.

Make sure to tour the retirement communities you are interested in. Ask questions, look around and imagine yourself living there. This will help you determine where you will feel comfortable spending your golden years.