This genius photo experiment shows we are all just sheeple in the consumer matrix
Rian Dundon

There’s a definite bias in the sample presented via the images. To extrapolate the frequency of clothes worn by a populace, at a given space and time, as an indication of global sheeple culture is quite a stretch. Considering the overlaps of information presented to such a populace, be it fashion, entertainment, climate etc, it would be expected that such a population would have a collective choice. The moment you look past such a time, place, and population, you’d find that each region would have their respective sense of dressing. Furthermore, the phenomenon of dressing alike to your counterparts may not necessarily be indicative of a lack of individuality, but could it possibly be to evoke a sense of belonging..? Although I find his work interesting, revealing yet another layer of the social creature that is Man, I find his conclusion rather dismissive.