The marketplace is developing special software for decentralized delivery system management. Lack of fast and high quality order transportation is a significant barrier for sellers and customers, which hinders the full integration of participants into the system. The implementation of p2p-logistics will simplify and improve the delivery mechanism of goods/services, both in a small city and in a huge metropolis and also will provide an opportunity to carry out quickly transportation between countries.
The point of action of P2P logistics is the use of private couriers for effective and high-quality delivery of goods within the country. The interaction between customer, partner, Mambo24 and courier will be constructed in the following manner:

Stages of the project implementation:

2019 — integration of mobile application into Mambo24 system. Recruiting first 100 couriers;
2019 — creation of P2P logistics in Turkey and India;
2020 — creation of P2P logistics in Indonesia;

Benefits of using P2P logistics:
- low cost of delivery;
- delivery speed is 2–3 times higher compared with traditional logistics companies;
- support for private entrepreneurship (as couriers can be taxi drivers, courier freelancers, students, etc.)

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