Generating Jupyter notebooks from text files

This article is an updated version from the original article introducing sphinxcontrib-jupyter. The extension can now generate Jupyter Notebooks, construct websites, and build PDF Files. There is also a jupinx command-line utility now available too.

Do you prefer LaTeX to MS Word? Of course you do. And the reason you do is that LaTeX uses text files for editing and generates its output.

After all, who doesn’t love text files? Gloriously simple, ready made for your favorite text editor and perfect for version control.

We at QuantEcon share your views. So, being the good…

My experience of the upgrade process for OS X is usually super smooth and easy. Well I was one of the super keen and upgraded to OS X Catalina on my Macbook Pro 15" and then started reading the Release Notes. Ah! — There are a few key changes that you will need to address once the migration has happened to get your developer tools back up and running again.

For me I regularly use:

  1. Terminal
  2. Visual Studio Code
  3. Anaconda (Python Distribution)
  4. Homebrew, and
  5. Julia

When the upgrade was complete I quickly dived into the terminal to get some work…

Matt McKay

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