Arrived at Charle De Gaulle aiport early in the morning.

Well where do I start? I decided to visit Paris again this year. There was a special occasion, but I am not going to share it on the web. Mostly what I would like to share are the photos. The beautiful views of Paris. Enjoy it!

Thanksgiving in Paris is great. Weather was great, it was neither snowing or raining. Fresh breeze every day.

The National September 11 Memorial

This is my first entry at medium, I hope to deliver my story to everyone with lots of pictures. So I have traveled from Houston to NYC for a #smashingconf in June. Arrived late at night the weekend before the conference, went straight to bed since I had a long work day at the office and then the flight.

So the next day my friend Anar (@anarakhund)and Nigar (@fatalin) showed me New York’s coolest places.

Woke up in the morning took the train to go see the NYSE and the #bull. We have arrived a cool looking subway station. …

Tony Mamedbekov

Full Stack Developer | SitecoreMVP

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